Grievance & whistleblower – Visselblåsarfunktion

Employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other parties, can make anonymous and confidential accusations and complaints with respect to matters related to, among others: accounting, internal control of financial reports and CSR; Corporate Social Responsibility.

To do so, supply all the details of the alleged misdemeanor through the link below, including the location of witnesses and any other information that might be of use in the evaluation and final resolution of the situation.

Before making the complaint, we suggest that you read the Viña Concha y Toro Anonymous Accusations Reporting Procedure.

Every complaint made via this channel is anonymous, unless you voluntarily choose to disclose your identity. However, the claim will always remain confidential.

Please click here to follow-up the status of your complaint.

*In writing the complaint, take your time and provide as much details as possible. Take care not to provide information that might identify yourself, unless you want your identity to be known. It could be important to know if you are the only person who is aware of the situation. The denunciation entered through this form, does not register data that could expose the anonymity of the author. The following day of entering the denunciation, it is received by the administration of the company.